A cheese as vast as Italy

Made from Alpine goat milk and infused with Sicilian thyme, Goat Caciottona is a refined Mediterranean profile

Goat Caciottona with Thyme: a refined masterpiece, as exclusive as it is renowned, hailing from Latteria Perenzin di Bagnolo di San Pietro di Feletto (TV), Italy's eminent artisan of organic goat, cow, and Veneto buffalo cheeses.

With over a century of heritage and five generations of craftsmanship, the dairy's unwavering dedication lies in the preservation of tradition and a ceaseless pursuit of innovative excellence.

At the heart of Latteria Perenzin lies the ethos of animal welfare, a cornerstone since its pioneering foray into organic cheese-making over 30 years ago. A belief held firm: contented animals yield the finest milk, and this in turn births exceptional cheeses.

Today, we illuminate their esteemed creation - the Goat Caciottona with Thyme.

The essence of this cheese is nurtured from the milk of Alpine and Pre-Alpine farmers, refined with the aromatic allure of Sicilian thyme, and aged for a minimum of two months.

The enduring perfume of thyme entwined with the subtle tang of goat's milk bestows an exquisitely aromatic, Mediterranean-imbued sensation that luxuriously unfurls on the palate.

Its culinary prowess is versatile: a companion to vegetable pasta, a distinctive embellishment to a burger, or a harmonious partner to sun-drenched dried or semi-dried tomatoes.

The question beckons - have you embarked on this sensory journey yet?