A Delicate Conundrum

To Consume or Not to Consume - The Enigma of Cheese Rinds

 In the world of cheeses, even the most seasoned connoisseurs find themselves pondering this age-old question: Should one relish the crust?

Drawing upon the wisdom of our colleagues at Latteria Perenzin, experts in their craft, they offer a discerning perspective:

Indeed, the rinds of Latteria Perenzin's cheeses are delectably EDIBLE. They are thoughtfully devoid of preservatives or additives, encapsulating an integral essence of our products.

Within the rind lies a symphony of maturation and infusion. It's the rind that unfurls the most exquisite tapestry of aromas and flavors, a testament to the craftsmanship that unfolds. Why let these moments of culinary artistry fade away?

The rinds are both an art and an enhancement. Enjoy them in their pristine form or employ their grated finesse to elevate your pasta creations.

The Enchanted Rind of Thyme Goat

Amongst our repertoire, we extend a gracious recommendation to explore the rind of Latteria Perenzin's Thyme Goat cheese.

Why? Because the rind is an indispensable fragment of the cheese - a treasure to embrace, not discard. It emanates a chorus of captivating aromas, particularly when the cheese ages with fragrant, organic Sicilian thyme. The rinds remain unaltered, a tribute to authenticity.

Savor the journey, let your discerning palate decide.