Embrace the Flavors of Garfagnana

A Recipe with Pecorino Tuada

Today, we invite you to embark on a culinary journey with us, as we blend the essence of Caseificio Bertagni's Pecorino Tuada with the authentic products and fragrances of its homeland - Garfagnana, a lush oasis nestled within the Apennine mountains.

Enter the world of "Vezzadri" - the tender spring shoots of Vitalba, a wild climbing plant adorning the walls of Garfagnana. A plant that demands respect, for its raw form can be poisonous, earning it the local name of 'grass of the ragged.' Legend has it that beggars once used it to create rashes on their skin, evoking pity from potential donors. Yet, once cooked, the sprouts transform into a delightful delicacy, aromatic and entirely safe (though if "vezzadri" is not on hand, ordinary herbs can make a fine substitute).


- Vezzadri sprouts

- Eggs

- Oil and salt to taste

- Pecorino Tuada cheese


1. Begin by washing the 'vezzadri' and boiling them for a few minutes. Drain them and allow them to cool and dry as much as possible. Give them a light chop, then sauté them in a pan with a hint of oil.

2. Separately, beat the eggs with a pinch of salt, then combine them with the sautéed sprouts and grated Pecorino Tuada. Let the flavors meld as you finish the cooking process.

3. Serve and savor the harmonious symphony of tastes, embracing the essence of Garfagnana in every bite.

Experience the culinary wonders of Garfagnana, crafted with care and devotion from Caseificio Bertagni's Pecorino Tuada. A recipe inspired by tradition, nature, and the heart of Italian heritage

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