Raw Milk Cheese

Embrace the tradition of raw milk cheese with Gildo Formaggi

When it comes to crafting exceptional cheeses, the choice between raw milk and pasteurized milk is a pivotal one. Raw milk, sourced from cows and goats, often from high-altitude pastures, has distinct advantages that have made it a favorite among connoisseurs and artisanal producers.

Raw milk, untouched by pasteurization, retains its natural complexity and flavor profile, resulting in cheeses that showcase the unique terroir of their origin. This process allows beneficial enzymes, cultures, and microorganisms to flourish, enhancing the cheese's depth of taste and aroma.

Alpine pastures, in particular, are renowned for the quality of their raw milk. The lush, diverse vegetation and crisp mountain air infuse the milk with unique qualities that are reflected in the final cheese.

Gildo Formaggi, a producer dedicated to the art of raw milk cheesemaking, exemplifies the wonders of this traditional approach. Their raw milk cheeses, crafted with expertise and passion, bear the authentic essence of the region. From Raw Milk Taleggio to Raw Milk goat cheese, these cheeses tell a story of a land and its people, where raw milk is the key to unforgettable flavors. Experience the tradition and taste the difference with Gildo Formaggi's raw milk creations.

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