PARMIGIANO REGGIANO PDO Halal Over 30 Months Maturation

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Milk: Cow
Region: Emilia Romagna & Lombardia
Seasoning: 30 months
Shelf life: 365 days
Unit Net Weight: 40 kg (variable weight)

Terms and Conditions
Shipping: 10 Business Days
Minimum order: 100 £

Internal Reference: 8881016UK_BOX
Description: Parmigiano Reggiano Halal is an exquisite cheese produced with meticulous attention to Islamic food preparation guidelines, as defined in the Quran. This cheese proudly bears the certification of 'Halal Italia,' a distinguished authority in food certification. It boasts exceptional sensory attributes, featuring fruity aromas, intense flavors, and a unique combination of crumbly texture with a lingering nutty aftertaste. What truly distinguishes Parmigiano Reggiano Halal is its extended aging period, surpassing 30 months, resulting in a cheese that's exceptionally crumbly and granulated. Its taste profile is robust, adorned with notes of spices, dried fruits, and savory broth. This cheese is the perfect ingredient to elevate stuffed and baked pasta dishes, or to be savored as a post-meal delight, paired splendidly with fruits and honey. Immerse yourself in the rich tradition and uncompromising quality of Parmigiano Reggiano Halal.