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Region: Lombardia
Shelf life: 180 days
Unit Net Weight: 0,75 cl
Box Net Weight: 4,5 kg

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Description: Italian Jurassic Pils is a high-quality craft beer brewed with the best raw materials selected to create a classic Czech beer. This light, light and refreshing beer is characterised by its dry and bitter taste, which is made possible by the use of light malts and the fine Saaz hops. Thanks to the distinct aromatic note of its hops, Italian Pils Jurassic Pils pairs perfectly with a variety of fresh cheeses, enhancing their delicate flavour nuances. It is also ideal with cured meats and white meats, making every meal a complete and satisfying taste experience. With an alcohol content of 4.7% vol. and a bitterness level (IBU) of 32, this beer is traditional and easy-drinking, perfect for any occasion. Every sip of this beer tells the story of Italian brewing craftsmanship, combining high-quality ingredients and artisanal techniques to create a product that celebrates tradition and innovation. Italian Jurassic Pils represents the excellence of Italian brewing, bringing with it authenticity and unmistakable taste.