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Region: Lombardia
Shelf life: 180 days
Unit Net Weight: 0,33 cl
Box Net Weight: 3,96 kg

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Minimum order: 100 £

Internal Reference: 55170013_BOX_UK
Description: Bourbon Quadruple is a high quality craft beer, inspired by the Belgian Quadrupel-style beers so beloved by monks and our brewer. This version is aged in Bourbon barrels for several months, enriching its aromatic profile with notes of caramel, wood and tobacco that further enhance an already complex beer. With an alcohol content of 10.5% vol. and a bitterness level (IBU) of 28, Bourbon Quadruple offers a rich and enveloping taste experience. Each sip reveals the dedication and craftsmanship of Italian master brewers, who use artisanal techniques and high-quality ingredients to create an extraordinary drink. Available in 33cl format, this beer is perfect for those looking for a beer with a strong character and complex nuances.