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Region: Lombardia
Shelf life: 180 days
Unit Net Weight: 0,75 cl
Box Net Weight: 4,5 kg

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Internal Reference: 55170018_BOX_UK
Description: Voodoo Zombie Imperial Stout is a high-quality craft beer, brewed using traditional Italian methods. This beer has a dark, practically black colour and a richness of aromas and flavours that make it unique. Made with the addition of single origin cocoa beans from Tanzania and Tonka beans from Brazil, Pastry Imperial Stout offers a complex and enveloping aromatic profile. Sweet, herbaceous, spicy notes and a hint of vanilla, typical of Tonka beans, prevail on the nose and palate. This beer is ideal for moments of meditation and should be sipped slowly, perhaps accompanied by a good cigar or a few puffs of the pipe. With an alcohol content of 8.8% vol. and a bitterness level (IBU) of 30, Pastry Imperial Stout offers a perfect balance between body and spice, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a craft beer with a strong character. Brewed with passion and dedication by Italian master brewers, Voodoo Zombie Imperial Stout represents the excellence of Italian craft brewing. Each sip tells the story of careful ingredient selection and craftsmanship that is reflected in the quality of the final product. Pastry Imperial Stout is a true work of art, capable of surprising and delighting the most demanding palates with its rich combination of flavours.