Antiche Razze

The indissoluble link between animal, farmer, product and territory.

"Antiche Razze" is a project by the Consortium, dedicated to celebrating and promoting the harmonious relationship between land, animals, breeders, and their products. It represents a profound synergy born from the historical and cultural tapestry of each region, giving rise to distinct pairings. Each locale, shaped by its unique morphology, climate, history, and culture, naturally encourages the breeding of specific animal breeds that thrive in environments aligned with their innate attributes.

Breeders play a pivotal role through daily care and targeted nutrition, nurturing animals that are carefully selected to meet the exacting standards of final product quality, whether it be artisanal cheeses or cured meats. This collaboration, deeply rooted in regional history and indigenous knowledge, combined with breeders' unwavering dedication, yields an endless array of ever-evolving combinations, each deserving recognition and storytelling.

These venerable breeds endure today thanks to the unwavering commitment of breeders dedicated to preserving their distinctive traits. Remarkable examples abound: the robust and untamed Garfagnina Sheep, well-suited to the verdant and rugged Garfagnana landscapes, were rescued from oblivion through the persistence of shepherds like Verano Bertagni, producing exceptionally rich and aromatic milk, perfect for crafting unique cheeses such as Tuada from Caseificio Bertagni.

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Another tale unfolds with the Nera Parmigiana, a breed revived by Master Massimo Spigaroli, who journeyed back to childhood memories and traced genetic origins to Spain to recreate the ideal animal for crafting the legendary Culatello di Zibello Dop.

On the slopes of the Piedmont Alps, the Rossa d'Oropa flourishes, nurtured by small farms practicing ancient agricultural methods and supported by dairies like Caseificio Rosso, safeguarding their economic sustainability.

Lastly, there's Grana D'Oro from Cavriago, a pioneer in the 1980s in reviving the Ancient Rossa Reggiana Breed for Parmigiano Reggiano production. The Rossa Reggiana, known for its docile nature and longevity, yields milk uniquely suited for Parmigiano Reggiano, its diet of polyculture meadows imparting unexpected aromas to the cheese.

We invite you to explore these extraordinary creations and partake in the virtuous mission of preserving and disseminating the invaluable heritage of Antiche Razze.