Antiche Razze: Brown Cows

The indissoluble link between animal, farmer, product and territory

The Brown Cow, a distinguished member of the Ancient Breeds championed by the project, stands out for its gentle disposition and remarkable robustness. Thriving in the harshest pastures, it coexists harmoniously with nature, proudly gracing Italian meadows with its distinctive brown coat for over a century and a half. This breed's unique attributes make it a compelling choice for organic farming, demonstrating adaptability to diverse diets and a sociable, vigilant temperament.

The milk yielded by Brown Cows lends itself to crafting Parmigiano Reggiano, renowned for its rich, nuanced flavor and straw-yellow hue, crafted through traditional nourishment practices. After 24 months of aging, this cheese possesses a melt-in-the-mouth texture, offering an exquisite sense of completeness. Genetically, the Brown Cow carries the B variant of k-casein, enhancing fat and protein incorporation, reducing coagulation time, yielding a more elastic curd, and producing a cheese with uniformity and unmistakable character.

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Parmigiano Reggiano from Brown Cow milk exemplifies the pivotal role breeders play in safeguarding Ancient Breeds. The cheese crafted by Sola Bruna Valserena traces its lineage back to 1879 when the Balduino and Serra families united to oversee the Gainago estate, culminating in the celebrated Brown breed. This single-breed cheese has earned widespread acclaim.

We invite you to explore these extraordinary creations and partake in the virtuous mission of preserving and disseminating the invaluable heritage of Antiche Razze.